Thank you for buying the pupils post this weeks pupils post is by Daniel Cunningham and Yakoub DJebbari. This is the senior edition of the pupils post. Also it is the Easter edition. This time it is Mr Mc Gowans class have it back but this time it’s different there is a junior and senior edition. Happy Easter from Mr Mc Gowans class.

In this month’s newsletter: Easter | New Hall | Interview with Max Cannon | Austin Mahone Facts | Breeds of Dogs | The Cat and the Horse | Hair Styles | Cubes Cubes Story | Wordsearch | Colour Competition | Jokes | The aye-aye of Madagascar | Name that dog | Jack and Jill Phone Collection | Nail Art | Australia Facts | The Planet Earth | Slender Man | Colouring Competition

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The Pupils Post Easter 2014 Senior Edition