Here at Holy Rosary we have an abundance of ongoing Music activities. We have a brand new state of the art stage which will play host to class plays, Nativity scenes, dance recitals, Talent Shows, staff performances and school choir productions.

At Holy Rosary we are committed to exposing the children to various different types of music including; African drumming, Samba, traditional Irish music, listening and responding to classical music, singing various types of songs, rhythm activities and the School Rock Band where the band members learn instruments such as the drums, guitar and bass guitar.

School Choir: We have an established school choir who have performed at various school events, at numerous Córfhéile na Scoileanna festivals, have put on various productions on local stages, have performed for Ryan Tubridy and the President Michael D. Higgins. The choir is made up of around 50 children from 4th-6th class. We rehearse at least once a week during school hours and after school leading up to big performances.

Church Choir: We also have an experienced church choir made up of children from 4th to 6th class who sing at mass at least one Friday a month and who sing at the main religious events throughout the school year including the First Holy Communion and Confirmation ceremonies.

Music Literacy and Recorder: Our school endeavours to teach all children how to read music and learn how to play an instrument during their years in Holy Rosary. The children will begin the recorder in 2nd class and play right through to 6th class. Benefits of the recorder are that it is an inexpensive and portable instrument, it is small and durable and does not go out of tune. The aim is that the children will leave school able to read music and play an instrument which is a fantastic lifelong skill, they will be enabled to discover and enhance their talent and grow in self-confidence through performance.