Holy Rosary Primary School is a Catholic, co-educational, multidenominational, multicultural school under the patronage of the Archbishop of Dublin. Together with the Board of Management, the parents and the parish community, we provide Religious Education for the pupils in accordance with the doctrines, practices and traditions of the Roman Catholic Church, although students of all faiths are welcomed and appreciated.

In order to create a supportive and positive ethos, we strive to promote the following:

  • Prayer is a feature of our school day and the pupils are prepared for the sacraments of First Confession, First Holy Communion and Confirmation, in accordance with the arrangements of Holy Rosary Parish.
  • Holy Rosary Primary School aims to foster the full and harmonious development of all aspects of the pupil, including his/her relationship with God, family and members of the wider community.
  • The Principal and teaching staff aim at maintaining high professional standards, while creating a safe, happy, inclusive and welcoming environment for all.
  • A spirit of mutual respect is promoted within the school community and students are taught to appreciate and respect people of different religious affiliations and of different nationalities.
  • Close contact is encouraged and maintained between our school and home. Parents/guardians and teachers support and collaborate with one another, in an effort to increase the chances of each student realising their full potential.