After Schools Policy Document

A copy of this document may be viewed or downloaded here Holy-Rosary-ASP-2020

The Afterschool Committee was formed to enable the offering of afterschool classes to the pupils of Holy Rosary school. The Committee is made up of parents of children in Holy Rosary who give up their personal time to run this service.

The Classes are given by teachers of Holy Rosary only.

The teacher design the classes and advise the committee on the age range appropriate to the class.

All classes have a minimum requirement of paid classes to enable a class to go ahead.

Should those minimum not be reached, those who booked the class will be given the option of a refund or to swop to another class. Once either option if chosen the other option if not longer available.

No refunds will be issued after booking has closed. Class can be cancelled by contacting the Afterschool Classes Committee by email.

Extreme extenuating circumstances such as, a child’s long term debilitating illness that results In the child missing more than half the course or a death in the immediate family may be considered. The Afterschool Committee’s decision on whether to consider this is on a case by case basis and their decision is final and will be communication via email.

Parents can contact the Afterschool committee via the Parents’ Association email.

Parents’ Association email;

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