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Welcome to Holy Rosary Primary School’s website. We hope this site will give you an insight into the busy and bustling hive of activity that is Holy Rosary Primary School.

In our school we want to create a happy, caring school where young people are encouraged to maximise their potential.

We would like to thank all the parents and teachers who volunteer to give our children the widest educational experience possible and help make Holy Rosary Primary School great!

Recent News

31st Mar 2023

This week was Wellness week in school. The children took part in lots of activities including dance, fitness, meditation, arts and craft and much more. A fantastic week was had by all!

23rd Mar 2023

Yesterday, our student council members from 4th-6th class had the privilege of visiting Councillor Emma Murphy, the Mayor of South Dublin. They had a guided tour of the Council chambers, chatted to her about her personal and political life and even picked her brains on some school issues they were concerned about. The students left feeling very inspired and who knows, we may have some budding politicians in our midst!

15th Mar 2023

Today we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with a Lá Glas and a Céilí Mór. The children had great fun dressing up and dancing in the hall.

15th Mar 2023

Students from 2nd Year in Firhouse Community College spoke to the children in 6th Class about a STE(A)M in Action Project they are working on. The project highlights the amount of energy used to transmit and store data. The children were told that the energy used in every Google search equals the energy required to boil a kettle! The children were encouraged to become more aware of their data usage and to spread the message at home. They were given practical tips on how to reduce the energy footprint of their/ their family’s data usage eg unsubscribing to emails you don’t want to receive, deleting games/ Apps that are no longer used and clearing search histories.