Welcome to the website for Holy Rosary Primary School.


Welcome to Holy Rosary Primary School’s website. We hope this site will give you an insight into the busy and bustling hive of activity that is Holy Rosary Primary School.

In our school we want to create a happy, caring school where young people are encouraged to maximise their potential.

We would like to thank all the parents and teachers who volunteer to give our children the widest educational experience possible and help make Holy Rosary Primary School great!

Recent News

1st Dec 2020

Our annual Christmas Flower Arranging is back with a bit of a twist! Instead of coming into school to make your arrangement I will now send home a pack of everything you need to make a floral centrepiece for your table. I will make up 20 packs. If you would like to make one please text Jessica Heavey on 0860276666. If more than 20 people text I will put names in a hat. The packs will be delivered in the last week in school so the greenery is fresh for Christmas.

9th Nov 2020

It’s that time of year again for the Christmas Shoebox Appeal. The Christmas Shoebox Appeal is an annual campaign where thousands of individuals in Ireland donate shoeboxes filled with gifts to be given to children affected by poverty in Africa or Eastern Europe. It is an opportunity to share a little joy and excitement with children who live in circumstances where these can sometimes be in short supply. This year, due to the effects of Covid-19 restrictions, the Christmas Shoebox Appeal has gone online. To make a virtual shoebox of your own with your child you can visit www.TeamHope.ie and choose the items you would like to add. 😊

7th Oct 2020

We are lucky to have a fabulous library here in Holy Rosary. It is well stocked with hundreds of books and it’s run completely voluntarily by a group of our brilliant parents and friends of the school. The children usually get to visit the library once a week but this year we had to be a bit more imaginative. If the children couldn’t go to the books then the books had to go to them! A huge thanks to our volunteers for their hard work last week to get the boxes of books organised. The children have been happily reading away all week!


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