Holy Rosary Primary school has 24 classes. This includes 3 classes of each grouping from Junior Infants to Sixth Class.

Class Teachers and their room numbers:

  Teacher 2018 – 2019 Going to Room No
Junior Infants Ms. Moriarty Room 1
Ms. R Hennessy Room 2
Ms. C Keane Room 3
Senior Infants Ms. Lehane / Ms S Hennessy Room 4
Ms. Priestly Room 5
Ms. Lalor Room 6
1st Class Ms. Nolan Room 7
Ms. McDermott Room 9
Ms. C Egan Room 10
2nd Class Ms. Cunningham Room 22
Ms. Cross Room 23
Mr. Heavey Room 24
3rd Class Ms. Cronin / Ms. Williams Room 25
Ms Fanning Room 26
Mr. Garde Room 27
4th Class Ms. Mulcahy Room 19
Ms. Scully Room 20
Ms. Reidy Room 28
5th Class Mr. O’Donoghue Room 29
Ms. McDonald Room 32
Ms. Clancy Room 33
6th Class Ms. O’Hare Room 30
Mr. Carthy Room 31
Ms. Maher Room 12