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Holy Rosary Parents Association – Mission Statement

Holy Rosary National School has an active Parents Association, comprising all parents who have children enrolled in the school. The Parents’ Association is run by an elected committee who meet once a month in term time. An annual General Meeting is held once a year and all parents are invited and encouraged to attend. The Association is active in the areas of After School Classes, Social Activities, Fundraising and general representation of the interests of parents to the School Principal and Board of Management.

What we do

The Holy Rosary Parent’s Association works in partnership with the Principal, Board of Management and the whole school community for the benefit of the children in the school. We aim to represent the interests and views of all parents of children in the school and to enable parents to play an active part in school life and contribute to improving the school’s facilities for the benefit of the children.

We assist with extra-curricular activities including after school classes, Christmas fair and other educational and fun events for the children. We have also worked in partnership with the Principal and teachers to help update the anti-bullying policy. The committee meets once a month to discuss upcoming issues and events. All parents are welcome to join the committee and can do so by coming along to a committee meeting.

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