Our Logo

Holy Rosary Primary School Logo

As part of our the “25+ Years A Growing” celebrations at the Holy Rosary Primary School, a new logo was commissioned. The logo is made up of three main graphical elements.

The outer straight lines represent the local community surrounding the school. The spiral is a Celtic shape found on stones associated with ancient burial chambers. It represents, and links with, the history of the locality.

Inside the spiral is the top of an acorn and this recalls the phrase, ‘acorns into tall oaks grow’. The acorn is protected by the spiral and nourished by the sun’s rays and echoes the school’s sentiment, ‘Mól an Oige agus tiocfaidh sí’ ~ ‘Praise the young and they will flourish’.

Overall the three elements combine to display a child-like image of the sun shining,sending out a positive message. The logo represents warmth, security and happiness in a child-centred learning environment.