School Routine

(For further information on these topics please see the Policies section)

The School day:

The normal school day for Infant classes is 9.20am – 2.00pm

The normal school day for 1st to 6th classes is 9.20am – 3.00pm

It is important that the children are punctual for school and are collected on time. Children who arrive to school before 9.20am wait in their class line. Teaching time begins at 9.20am. If your child is late for school they must enter through the main entrance to avoid disruption.

Entering and Exiting the School Grounds:

Walking: You should only enter and exit the school grounds through the pedestrian gates. Parents are asked to walk with your child on the footpath and for children who walk to school on their own the parents should encourage them to use the footpath only when in the school grounds.

Driving: The school operates an ‘Entrance Only’ gate and an ‘Exit Only’ gate. It is imperative that parents do not park in the set down area; parents should only stay here for the amount of time it takes your child to safely get out of the car. If you do need to park for any amount of time please use the car parking spaces available. We ask parents to drive with great caution and to allow for the unexpected errors that children of school-age can make.


Little break: 11.00am – 11.10am

Big break: 12.45pm – 1.15pm

Our school actively encourages healthy lunches.

Uniform and Tracksuit Days:

The children are expected to wear the full school uniform three days a week and wear the school tracksuit on two allocated days a week that the teacher chooses. If your child is unable to wear the correct uniform or tracksuit for any reason a note in your child’s homework diary is required.


Visitors to the school are welcome but must use the main door and report to the school secretary in the reception area. There is no unannounced access to classrooms. If you wish to speak to the class teacher you are invited to make an appointment.

Attendance and Absences:

All absences must be explained in writing by a parent/guardian in the notes section of your child’s homework diary. The school authorities are obliged to notify the School Attendance Officer when a child is absent over 20 days (this includes illness, holidays outside school holidays etc.). Situations do arise when a child appears well in the morning and then gets sick during the day. If this occurs parents/guardians will be contacted. It is therefore extremely important that the school has your most up to date contact details.

There is a homework policy which clearly states the content and length of homework for each class which is available on this website. Parents are encouraged to establish a set routine and time for your child to do his/her homework, in a quiet place free from distractions. Parents are asked to supervise children’s homework, checking and signing the homework diary on completion. Homework should be reasonably attempted and if the homework cannot be completed for any reason a note in the child’s homework diary is required.

Mark all belongings:

Please ensure that all personal property i.e. coats, jumpers, tracksuit tops, school books, copies, lunch boxes, stationary etc. are clearly labelled with your child’s name as many children possess similar items.

Health / Medication

Parents are asked to inform the school in writing if their child suffers from any allergies, long term or short term illness and if their child is on medication. Parents of pupils who are on medication or inhalers are asked to fill in a form (available from the school office) for school records.