Hi and welcome to the second Pupil`s Post ever. We’d like to let you know that we couldn`t have brought out this second issue if it weren`t for you guys. We`re very grateful for all of the buyers last month and we hope we have more this month. This edition is a special Halloween issue so don`t forget to colour in your pictures! We have lots of Halloween facts and jokes but there`s lots of other things to read as well. We hope you like it and keep read-ing!!!

This months editor – Orla
(And don`t forget Mr. McGowan`s 6th class!! Also all of you who wrote an article from different classes thank you)

In this month’s newsletter: Croker here we come! | Ms Durcan’s Revenge | Facts about Gareth Bale | Girls Gaelic Report | Happy Halloween! | Halloween Facts | Recipe Page | Keer (Nepali Rice Pudding) | Brownies | Witch’s cookies | Chocolate Eclairs | Lily’s Costume ideas | Global Warming | Pop goes the Pumpkin | DSPCA Animal Hero | The Unicorn and the Cow Part 2 | Facts about Messi | Competition Page | Spot the Difference | Interview with Mr McGowan

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