Activities for Friendship week

Monday 28th Jan

4th, 5th and 6th classes – visit from ZEEKO internet safety who are providing workshops for these classes and all parents on

· Cyberbullying

· Digital Footprint

· Excessive Screen Time

· Inappropriate Content

· Strangers Online

· Social Media, Apps and Online Games

All week

All classes

Poster Competition for Junior and senior classes. Junior classes will be provided colouring sheets and senior classes will design their own Friendhip / Anti Bullying posters. Prizes given out for the best posters in each class.

Compliments Trees – Teachers and SNA’s will hand out compliment cards to children in the halls, classrooms and on the yard for “Friendly”, polite and respectful behaviour. The classes with the most compliments on Friday from each year group can attend the “Cinema” in the school hall on Monday 4th.

Friendship benches – The coloured, plastic benches that are on the yards will become “Friendhsip Benches” for the week. Any child who has nobody to play with can go and sit on one of these and other children / yard buddies will be encouraged to include them in their games.

Random Actos of Kindness – We will have a display board in the lobby where children can display their R.A.K throughout the week. Post it notes will be delivered to each teacher.

Odd Socks Day! – Wednesday will be odd socks day –  Mr Molamphy will go class to class giving prizes for the most outrageous pairs of odd socks. This is used as part of anti-bullying campaigns to promote individuality.

Friendhsip Bracelets – Amnesty have provided friendship bracelets, these will be available from the school shop for €2 each.

Anti Bullying videos and questions/activities by year. They are nice videos and simple questions based on the vid, some will be covered in school but we would encourage parents to engage with them at home too.

Junior infants –

Senior infants –

1st class –

2nd class –

3rd class –

4th class –

5th class –

6th class –