This term we had a group of fantastic parents who volunteered over three weeks to play Maths games with the children in First Class. Maths for Fun is part of our Home School Liaison Scheme which has been developed to promote parental involvement in education as well as to instill a love of maths in children. Maths for Fun aims to give children an opportunity to apply mathematical concepts that they have learned in school in a fun and relaxed, but structured way. The children and parents form small groups and play simple maths games together. It also gives parents an opportunity to share a special time together and to take part actively in their children’s lives at school. We were very lucky to have so many parents volunteer their free time to join us. The children in first class had lots of fun. We know not everybody is available to volunteer but as always keep an eye out for notes in school bags and check the website and noticeboards regularly because there may be an event coming up that does suit. We always look forward to welcoming parents to our school! If you ever have any questions please contact our Home School Community Liaison Teacher Jessica Carthy on 0860276666.