As a part of the activities organised for Maths Week 2017 a group of parents from each of the three Senior Infant classes volunteered their time and helped to plan, organise and run a really fun Maths activity for the children. The activity they did was called a Maths Trail. The parents and Jessica Carthy (the home school teacher) walked around the school grounds and inside the school and looked for any Maths in the environment we could find. We found things such as shapes on the basketball court, colours on the flags and signs, measurements of various items like the benches and desks and of course counting of various items in the grounds and school. In the following days the parents came in and took the children in groups around the school and asked them the questions we came up with. The teachers, parents and children had a wonderful time and we invite you to look around your home or garden or on your walk home from school and see what Maths things you can spot! A huge thank you to all involved. Jessica Carthy, HSCL