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All eyes were on the Holy Rosary pitch on Tuesday morning as the annual soccer match between the students of 6th class and their teacher counterparts. The atmosphere was electric and the students of our school ensured they could match the Irish fans in France for support. Word had spread to school staff that this was the best crop of soccer players ever in the school.

“I think they are decent but we aren’t too bothered, I think I’ll score a hat-trick at least today, whatever!” said a not so worried Mr. Carthy to the assembled media beforehand. As the match was kicking off, Holy Rosary children got behind the 6th Class with an Icelandic-like battle chant ensuring their team were up for the match!

They were silenced in the second minute however as Mr. Molamphy hit the back of the net. This was followed up by a left footed shot from Mr. Carthy to make it 2-0. 6th class were in trouble and were forced into some early changes in their defence. The replacements were making a huge difference and 6th class were attacking in numbers but found ‘the wall at the back’ Mr. O’Donoghue, hard to pass. Ms. Reidy was causing all sorts of problems in midfield and a rasping shot by the Limerick native was bravely blocked by Max Brady. She did have success just three minutes later when she curled the ball into the bottom corner of the 6th class net.

There were stories coming from the Kerry camp that Mr. Morley was saving himself for the Dubs in Croke Park in September. He played in goals and made several crucial several stops without breaking sweat. A free running Mr. Cadigan popped up to score a brace of headed goals and everything seemed to be going right for the teachers. It was 5-0 and Mr. Scully was putting his body on the line making blocks and saving tackles. A Shoan Afamson nutmeg left Mr. Scully with a split down the back of his trousers and he had to make a quick exit to the Staff Room. It was 6-0 when Mr. Carthy scored again to leave the students trailing 6-0.

6th class needed help and a total of 16 substitutes entered the field of play to swarm the teachers defence. Some neat interplay led to Sean O’Brien finding space and he hit a Zlatan-style strike high into the teacher’s net. A wonderful way to finish to a very sporting game! The final word was left to Mr. Gallagher “Better luck next year 6th class!!”