In Holy Rosary we encourage the children to bring a healthy lunch to school. Here are some of the main points of our Healthy Lunch Policy.
  •  Small healthy lunches are encouraged.
  •  Lunches are eaten in the classrooms and not on yard.
  •  Sandwiches, fruit and milk are provided by the school.
  •  In the interest of safety no glass bottles are allowed.
  •  In line with our healthy eating ethos we ask the children not to bring in crisps, sweets, chocolate, chocolate spread,  biscuits, cereal bars, gum  or fizzy drinks.
  •  Children can sip on water during the day but not on juices.
  •  Children bring home any rubbish from their lunch in their  lunch box.
  •  Peanut or nut products are forbidden in classes where a child  has a nut allergy.

We thank you for your co-operation in this matter.

Check out the Safefood website for easy ways to choose a balanced nutritious and tasty lunch for your children each day.