23rd Apr 2015

This match report was written by a 6th class pupil.

At the start of the match it was a slow start but after 10 minutes Kevin Murphy hit a great shot over the bar for Holy Rosary. Shortly after that Sean O Brien scored a great goal that went off the post and in. Scoil Treasa got 2 points quickly after that and at half time it was 1-2 Holy Rosary 0-2 Scoil Treasa. When the 2nd half started there was a lot of hard battling. Kawa played outstandinding in the defence and cleared the ball away several times. Holy Rosary’s goalkeeper Anthony had an amazing game with 4 or 5 great saves. Scoil Treasa got 2 points very fast and scored from a free. Craig Carol had a good game and scored 2 points, Sean O Brien got another goal from a long way out and he played amazing. Between the two sides there were 10 St. Anne’s players and in the end it was 2-5 Holy Rosary and 1-4 Scoil Treasa.