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On behalf of all parents and guardians in the school, the Parents’ Association made a presentation to Max during open week when all were invited to the reception in the school hall. He was presented with the Symbolic Freedom of Holy Rosary School as a way of saying thank you for all the years of inspiration and dedication that he gave to the school.

A section of lawn from Holy Rosary was also given to him (when people are granted freedom of a city, they are often granted the freedom to graze their sheep – the grass was to symbolise if Max would like to bring any sheep to the school, they could help with the grass cutting!) Noel was very kind to provide the piece of lawn from the school grounds (with no questions asked!)

A bicycle lock was also given, to symbolise a lifetimes pass to Max, to keep his valuable possession in a secure and loving environment, if ever passing by! As Max retires and starts on a new path, it seems that he enjoys a game of golf, so a beautiful golf jacket was given to him on behalf of everyone, to keep him warm and dry for his golfing days.

We wish Max all the very best in his retirement after so many years in our school.  We would also like to wish our new Principal Dolores Kelly and Deputy Principal Dara Lalor a great start to 2015 in their new roles in our school!