Hi everyone! Happy New Year, and welcome to Ms Carthy’s 6th class edition of Pupil’s Post. First of all we would like to thank everyone who contributed to this edition of The Pupil’s Post. It was very hard to decide which articles to use as they were all great, so we hope nobody is upset if theirs wasn’t used. We would also like to thank Peter from Spar Old Court who sponsored a page in this edition.

Ms Carthy’s class are doing this month’s Pupil’s Post. This Pupil’s Post is filled with stories, riddles, facts on celebrities and much more. We worked very hard on this issue and we spent lots of time putting it together, so we hope you enjoy it. Good luck with our competitions!

In this month’s newsletter: Happy New Year! | An Interview with Mr Cannon | Interesting facts about Fennec Foxes | The Deb Brothers | Crazy One Direction Facts | Wordsearch | Sports Stuff | Competition | Winners

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