Jr Guitar (1st – 3rd) Tues Spring 23


Booking for all After School classes will close on Tuesday 14th March at 7pm.


My guitar has been following me around since I was 11. Where I go, it follows. It has always been a great companion and has helped me conquer my shyness in the past. I love passing on this skill to someone else, especially children who might be a bit shy like I was.

I would hope to teach a class of children from beginners to intermediate, from the basics of how to tune guitar, to learning different chord transitions, by using popular songs from the 60s all the way through to modern artists of today.

At the heart of my lessons would be fostering in a child the appreciation of music and performance.

Children can bring their own guitars but if they don’t have them there are more than 15 guitars in the school attic that I would be willing to restring and tune up. Each guitar would cost ?11.50 for a new set of guitar strings:



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