Enrolment Policy

Policy for New Entrants to the School

Rationale This policy is set out in accordance with the provisions of the Education Act 1998 and is published by the Board of Management of Holy Rosary Primary School with a view to assisting parents in making an informed decision about enrolling their children in the school.

Statement 1 Holy Rosary Primary School, Old Court Avenue, Firhouse, Dublin 24 is a Catholic, Multidenominational, Multicultural, designated disadvantaged school, under the patronage of the Archbishop of Dublin, Dr. Diarmuid Martin, and welcomes children from all faiths and cultures in accordance with the criteria set out in this Policy. It’s catchment area is the parish of Bohernabreena. It is a 38 teacher mixed vertical school with 24 class teachers and 12 SET teachers. The school depends on the grants and other educational resources provided by the Department of Education and Skills. Holy Rosary operates within the regulation laid down, from time to time by the Department and in accordance with the Rules for National School. Summary information about the school is to be found in the Policy and Procedures booklet which is available through the school office and which each parent receives when they complete an application to enrol their child.

Statement 2 Parents who wish to enrol their child in the school are required to complete an application form which is available from the school office and/or website. This form must be submitted to the office with relevant documents. These documents include a Birth Certificate, a household utility bill and a Baptismal Certificate (if RC). The application cannot be accepted for processing without these documents which will be returned to parents. Parents will receive a decision regarding enrolment of the child within 21 days of receiving a complete application. An information meeting for parents will take place late January/early February each year.

Statement 3 In principle, children will be enrolled on application provided there is space available. In the event that applications exceed places, a sub-committee will examine each application and the criteria outlined in Statement 5 will apply. The sub-committee will be appointed by the BOM. Decisions in relation to applications for enrolment will be made by through adherence to this Enrolment Policy. Under Section 29 of the Education Act, parents may appeal a refusal of admission to the school by contacting the Section 29 Appeals Unit of the Department of Education and Skills.

Statement 4 If it is established that a child has educational needs the SET team will be informed and enrolment will take place in accordance with the resources the school has at it’s disposal and the policies laid out by SET.

Statement 5 The following criteria for offering places in the school will apply:

  1. Places will be offered to Catholic children of the parish of Bohernabreena.
  2. Places will be offered to brothers and sisters of children in this school.
  3. Places will be offered to children notwithstanding creed or belief who reside in the Parish of Bohernabreena.
  4. Places will be offered to children from other area’s, where places are available after all the above categories have been filled.

* A child removed from the register in accordance with school rules shall at any time after he/she was removed and at the request of the parents, be re-enrolled in the school subject only to there being a place available in the school.

Parents of children enrolled in Holy Rosary National School are required to cooperate with the school’s Code of Behaviour which is appended to this enrolment policy.

This Policy has been reviewed and ratified by the BOM in January 2014 and will be reviewed again in January 2015

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