Enrolment Pack

Mission Statement
“Recognising and embracing the diversity within the community
we are committed to developing the individual pupil in a secure and challenging learning environment.”

Dear Parents,

The Department of Education has put new regulations in place regarding the school enrolment application process. As a result, our Enrolment Policy has been revised and updated. In keeping with the new regulations, completed enrolment forms can only be accepted at the school office starting from Friday, 2nd of October. The closing date for receipt of completed enrolment forms is Friday, 23rd of October.

A Birth Certificate, Baptismal Certificate (if Roman Catholic) and a current household bill should accompany your registration. It is not possible to accept any form that is not fully completed or does not have all required attachments. Please note that even if you have submitted an application form previously, you will still need to fill in this new application form and return with an updated proof of address e.g. a recent household bill.

The new enrolment application forms are available from the office (01 4521369) or can be downloaded from the school website 2015 Enrolment Form

An Enrolment Information Night for parents wishing to start their child in Junior Infants for September 2015 will take place on Tuesday, 21st of October at 7:30pm in Holy Rosary PS. As space at the enrolment information meeting is limited, we would greatly appreciate if children/toddlers were not brought along.

In recent years, we have had more enrolment applications than the pupil spaces available. Therefore, completion of the application form does not automatically guarantee a place for your child in Junior Infants for September 2015. Details about the selection process are in the school’s Enrolment Policy.

Important dates
Friday, 2nd of October – Application for Enrolment forms can be accepted from this date.
Tuesday, 21st of October – Information Night for parents in Holy Rosary PS at 7:30pm.
Friday, 23rd of October – Closing date for receipt of completed enrolment application forms.

Yours sincerely,
Dolores Kelly / Dara Lalor
Principal / Deputy Principal